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      Trumpet Repairs

      Trumpet Repairs

      The Trumpet is a member of the Brass Family and is one of the oldest recorded instruments, they are constructed of brass it is played by blowing air through closed lips to produce a buzzing sound, this produces a standing wave which is amplified through the instrument and in the modern trumpet altered by use of valves which change the length of the tubing most trumpets are transposing instruments most commonly in B flat the tubing is approximately 134cm in total.
      Other members of this family include the trombone, the cornet and the French horn.

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      C. R. Connolly MIMIT

      Beersheba, Bustleholme Ave
      West Bromwich
      West Midlands, B71 3BA

      Connolly MIRAlthough Connolly Musical Instrument Repairs was founded relatively recently, this is the latest chapter in a history that stretches back ...

      P. J. Neville MIMIT

      91 Station Road
      Derby, DE3 9FP

      We are dealers in Musical Instruments and accessories and we carry out? Repairs? to most types of Guitars? Amps? Brass and ...