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      Trombone Repair

      Trombone Repair

      A member of the Brass family like all brass instruments the sound is produced by the player’s vibrating lips creating a vibrating column of air. The trombone has a telescopic slide which is lengthened and shortened to change the pitch it works on the same principle as the trumpet in fact valve trombones are available. The trombones is pitched 1 octave below the trumpet and one octave above the tuba, in an orchestra it would not necessarily by a transposing instrument but a brass band would require the instrument to be pitched in B flat

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      C. R. Connolly MIMIT

      Beersheba, Bustleholme Ave
      West Bromwich
      West Midlands, B71 3BA

      Connolly MIRAlthough Connolly Musical Instrument Repairs was founded relatively recently, this is the latest chapter in a history that stretches back ...

      P. J. Neville MIMIT

      91 Station Road
      Derby, DE3 9FP

      We are dealers in Musical Instruments and accessories and we carry out? Repairs? to most types of Guitars? Amps? Brass and ...